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Wild van wild




  -  Marqt | October 31, 2018

A reportage i made for a Dutch organic grocery store called ‘Marqt’.

Marqt’s mission is to sell ethical food that is produced with respect for people, the environment and animals.

I followed one of their suppliers, ‘Wild van wild. The company’s founders, Klaas and Sjoerd, are brothers. They are also hunters.

Sustainable hunting aims to maintain the natural balance. By counting the number of animals and animal species observed several times a year, it is calculated how many animals live in an area. This data is then compared to models that show what a healthy population entails, and on the basis of which it is determined how many animals should be harvested to ensure that the balance in nature has the greatest possible chance of success.

The company can guarantee that the animals used for their products have had the life they have for thousands of years. Our meat therefore has a 0.0 CO2 footprint until harvest (hunting). No environmentally harmful feed factory has ever been involved, extra water has been used and none of the animals have ever been in contact with antibiotics or any other medicine.

You can find a complete statement on their website

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