Happy Pigs

are you willing to pay?

Sure, a world where people would never eat meat again would be an amazing one, but being realistic, that would problably never happen. A world without factory farming however, can happen. That is mostly up to the consumers. Consumers needs to be informed, they have a choise.

I visited a lot of Dutch Pig farmers who are doing their best to provide the consumers with a fair alternative. This is a very importand factor in the reduction of factory farming. I know, some people would like to see all humans becoming omnivores but we need to be realistic.

I got the visit these farms for a Dutch foundation called “Varkens in nood’ (Pigs in Distress). These pictures are part of their campaign to offer consumers a alternative and to inspire other farmers to make a change. Please informe yourself so you can make a choise!

Check out the campaign :  www.varkensinnood.nl/varkensboeren

Factory farms belong in the past, compare the living conditions of the animals above with the animals below. Are you willing to pay?